About Us

Harm-Jan Wessels

Investor, Advisor, & Board Member
Holland Capital, NextGen Ventures, Forcare
HealthTech, AI, Software
Harm-Jan is an experienced visionary serial entrepreneur and CEO with 30 years experience in the healthcare and software industry. With strong entrepreneurial skills, he built international businesses acquired by General Electric (Applicare) and Philips (Forcare). Harm-Jan has set up and expanded offices and teams in markets such as North-America, UK, Germany, Scandinavia, Belgium and the Middle-East. With a broad international industry network, he has deep domain expertise in healthcare around imaging, interoperability and medical standards. Harm-Jan is also an active investor at Holland Capital and board member at NextGen Ventures.

Peter van Harten

Smart Industry Ambassador NL
Isah GmBH
Software, Germany, Enterprise Sales, Smart Industry
Peter is an all round business leader and entrepreneur, with broad experience in business development, finance and strategy, specific knowledge about the smart industry software development. Peter leads the international growth of Isah Business Software and is passionate about digitization of the Dutch Industry, shown by his role as Smart Industry Ambassador of the Netherlands. He advises many startups and later stage companies on their international strategies. He has extensive knowledge of and network in the German market and also in France, Canada, Czech Republic and South-Africa. Lastly, Peter has published a book on the German market support of SMEs. Demonstrating his passion and expertise in the market.

Erik Wienk

Co-founder & COO
Platforms, Big Data, E-commerce, IoT
Erik is an analytical leader with a track record of successfully guiding and supporting organisations and teams through periods of fast growth and restructuring. Erik is an entrepreneur with a strong commercial and financial focus.

Elisabeth Stevens

TravelTech, Health, Sustainability, SaaS, Platform
Elisabeth is an experienced tech leader with experience in fast-growing tech companies such as Sunrock, Incision and Booking.com (she helped Booking.com to grow from 300 to 18.000 people and scaled the North-American branch). She helps scale-ups with their commercial and people strategy, preparing them for: international growth, building organisational capabilities and scaling culture.

Jan Aleman

Founder & CEO
SaaS, Software Sales, USA
Jan took Servoy from idea to a company operating around the globe. After fourteen years of running his company as CEO, he gained international experience with clients in over 30 countries and applies this in his coaching trajectories.

Irene van den Brink

Commercial Director Insurance
FinTech, InsurTech, SaaS, Finance
Irene is an expert in growth through simplicity and innovation. She has been involved in a broad number of successful international projects for global financial institutions, with relevant experience in all continents.

Joris van Winsen

Orange Octopus / Labfolder
Sales, Marketing, AgriTech, FoodTech, DACH
Joris, based in Berlin, has led both bootstrapped companies as well as closed VC-led finance rounds of 7-digit figures. His most important ability is being able to grow a business sustainably and with impact. In the past years he has coached a large number of entrepreneurs and their teams.

Bart Houlleberghs

Founder / Investor
Type22 / TIIN Capital
Cybersecurity, Funding, CleanTech, Aviation, Logistics
Bart helps startups get to the next level by providing growth capital and strategic support. He also has hands-on experience with the hardware/software combination and how to operate in a multi-stakeholder B2B market.

Tanja Sanders

Co-founder & CEO
E-commerce, Marketing, Adtech, Growth Hacking
Tanja is an entrepreneur and growth hacker. In the past 10 years, Tanja has helped more than 15 companies with (international) growth, mainly in the online industry. She has succeeded more than once in scaling businesses from scratch to internationally-active, multi-million dollar businesses.

Pieter Aarts

Co-founder & CEO
roOomy / nucleoo
AI, AR/VR, USA, HighTech
Pieter is the co-founder of roOomy and managing director of nucleoo, bringing more than 25 years of diverse industry experience to the teams. Including entrepreneurship, management, and sales. Pieter is passionate about initiating or spinning out new businesses while focusing on go-to-market strategies, product, execution and team development.

Tomislaw Dalic

Co-founder / Managing Director
GrowthHub / Groupon
Platforms, E-commerce, AdTech, Direct-to-consumer, Growth Hacking
Tom has experience in scaling more than 100 ventures internationally using rapid experimentation and validation. He is an expert in all major acquisition channels (Facebook, Google Ads, Email, SEO) as well as conversion rate optimization & retention.

Benjamin Pomerantz

Pocket Media
Adtech, E-commerce, Big Data, B2C, Mobile, Singapore
Benjamin is experienced in setting up offices and teams around the globe. As founder of Pocket Media, he is responsible for expanding markets, writing strategies, setting up offices (e.g. in NYC, Singapore, Israel.)

Marco Barkmeijer

Co-Founder & CEO
Cybersecurity, SaaS, Cloud Software, Enterprise Sales
Marco has experience in enabling organisations to scale from startup to scale-up and from national to international. He is passionate about marketing & sales and has also gained experience in obtaining external financing and working with private equity while scaling SecureLink as founder & CEO.

Vincent van de Poll

Director E-commerce / Co-founder
The Cookware Company / Direct Impact
Growth Hacking, E-commerce, 3D printing, AR/VR, USA
Vincent founded Direct Impact, an international growth agency to inspire people with a Silicon Valley mindset and help companies grow. For Vincent, being entrepreneurial means taking risks, crazy success, making the world a better place, sleepless nights, disruptive ideas and meeting amazing people.

Jeroen Plink

Co-founder & COO
LegalTechnology Hub
LegalTech, RegTech, FinTech, SaaS, B2B, USA
Currently based in New York City, Jeroen is a hands-on entrepreneur and global executive with experience building products and companies from the ground up to successful exit. He has a proven track record of developing and growing businesses, teams and technologies with innovation and passion.

Lourens Verweij

Co-founder & Partner
Additio Investment Group
HeathTech, Life Science, Medical AI, Investing
Lourens’ expertise lies within the healthcare sector. He has a track record as advisor to start-ups (venture builder) and multinational organisations. Being responsible for global corporate development, Lourens has had the opportunity to build up organisations with operations in 24 countries.

Robert Bruil

Founder / VP Global Partnerships
Navads / Uberall
Platform, SaaS, EduTech, Smart City, Web Marketing
Robert is a local search executive interested in companies looking to increase their reach, frequency, market share and outlets in GPS channels. He has broad experience in all aspects of geolocation and is also experienced in SEM, SER, advertising and branding.

André Grift

Co-Founder / Head of Sales
NOAD, Gryphon partners / bunq bank
Sales, Executive management, FinTech, Big Data, USA
André is a hands-on entrepreneur with over 16 years of experience in international business. In 2000 he co-founded a tech company and was responsible for the business development and international expansion in a large number of countries across Europe.

Maarten Neve

Healthy Entrepreneurs
Social Enterprise, HealthTech, Developing countries
Maarten is an entrepreneurial manager with a successful history of working in the international pharmaceutical, healthcare & development industries. Maarten also has a strong background, expertise and interest in developing countries.

Gerwald van den Oetelaar

Founder & CXO
HRtech, EduTech, Operations
Gerwald is a resilient, determined and game-changing HRtech entrepreneur with extensive experience in providing global leadership to enhance business operations and accelerate new ideas into global businesses and brands.

Marc Jellema

CEO & Co-founder
Tom Kabinet
Big Data, Platform, E-commerce, EduTech
Marc is an entrepreneur who challenged the global publishing industry. He has extensive knowledge in how to build a stable, scalable and international platform business. Marc knows what to do when you are faced with (international) legal challenges as a startup.