DutchBasecamp Internationalisation Canvas

We have developed our own unique methodology based on founders, CEOs and country managers who have shared their learnings, tips and mistakes with us. The DutchBasecamp Internationalisation Canvas, used by over 600 founders already, shows you what factors are important and what issues are urgent when building your internationalisation strategy. Most importantly, it will help you sequence your steps for international market entry and save time, money and energy along the way.

what you will get

out of the canvas

Structure your strategy

Break down three phases for internationalisation and understand the steps needed to move into a new market.

Internationalisation readiness

Clearly understand your current place on the journey to maturity, using our maturity indicators as a checklist to plan next steps.

Best practices

Pocket best practices to address specific pains on the pathway to growth and avoid missed opportunities.

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